Rosary and Bracelet

As every mom to be, I had a dream of special room reception design setup, something unique, something like no one else, specially that is my baby boy will be named after my dad who passed away when I was 10 years old and naming my son after him means the world to me. From there I had the feeling that I want a very special favor gift for everyone, I came up with rosary design (fancy authentic natural pearls and turquoise stones) the difference from any other rosary, it's made with love and can be wear as bracelet. I had my little Youssif on 10-9-2018, everyone loved the special gift as the rosary named also after him, it was one unique collection, then some of friends and relatives asked to design phone chains, eyeglasses chains and more. Few months later I discovered new passion about "accessories designs", I decided to start a small business called (Rosary and Bracelet), another baby born with my little Youssif, now my business is 2 years old as my son and it's available in online store "Crate KSA".